Travel Demand Management: Tools and Techniques

Deborah Fox – Head of Demand Management, Transport for West Midlands

Travel Demand Management (TDM) aims to influence transport demand, by addressing travel behaviour (how, when, why and where people travel) in order to increase the transport system efficiency and achieve specific planning objectives.

TDM presents a powerful and effective tool that can mitigate the impact of roadworks on customer satisfaction, improve congestion on roadworks areas, and help mitigate associated environmental impact, and contribute to the effective delivery of roadworks schemes.

This professional discipline is continuing to grow. Highways England and the regional transport bodies in England invite you to hear about their latest tools and techniques in Session 2 on Day One.

Jim Doxford, Project Sponsor at Highways England will be summing up these tools and techniques. He will also share Highways England’s latest industry best practice.

Tools and techniques the regional transport bodies are planning to share include:

  • Preparing for ‘go live’ – the demand management timeline in advance of major road works, Transport for West Midlands
  • Shopping, Servicing and Shipments: Managing London’s Freight Footprint, Transport for London
  • Building Back Better – The role of TDM in Recovery, Transport for Greater Manchester

Deborah Fox FCILT, Head of Demand Management at Transport for West Midlands will be sharing experiences of the demand management timeline in advance of major road works. This reflects the major investment programme in the West Midlands and the inevitable disruption to journeys as a result.

Deborah has attended the past two Transport Practitioners meetings and found them highly useful for sharing latest good practice, networking and gathering ideas. She hopes to meet with likeminded individuals at this year’s event.

Deborah is also taking on the role of interim chair for the new CILT TDM Active Forum. If you would like to learn more, please do contact CILT by emailing [email protected]

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