About the Transport Practitioners’ Meeting

Now in its 22nd year, The Transport Practitioners’ Meeting (TPM) is the must-attend annual gathering for all transport planners, modellers, placemakers, and urban transport designers. This event brings together practitioners, policymakers, and academics who will present numerous topical papers over the course of two days, fostering lively debates, networking opportunities, and the dissemination of the latest thinking across the profession. TPM serves as the annual meeting place for the wider transport and built environment community, offering two days of world-class networking, idea sharing, and spirited debate.

We are excited this year to be heading to Manchester. The city’s well-connected transport infrastructure, recent bus franchising and the expansion of the Bee Network make it a natural meeting point for TPM. Manchester boasts a rich history of innovation and industrial heritage, making it an ideal backdrop for discussions on the future of transportation and promises to offer a compelling and engaging backdrop for the conference that encourages knowledge exchange, networking, and forward-thinking discussions.

‘The Transport Practitioners’ Meeting provides excellent quality, thought provoking presentations which will greatly add to our national travel demand management programme. It is a showcase for best practice, networking and developing new opportunities’.

Jim Doxford, National Highways