We at PTRC are very excited about the #2021TPM Programme! We have asked speakers from the conference to give us some insight on the main themes emerging in the #2021TPM programme and explore what these topics mean to them. Every few weeks, we will give you new perspectives on the important subjects that we will tackle at TPM. Take this opportunity to dive into the main themes from the conference programme!

#2021TPM Programme

Climate Emergency

Does #2021TPM Realise We Are In Danger?

We face a climate crisis, a climate emergency. Hands up if you don’t believe this to be the case? If you do, then its worth reminding ourselves that: ‘crisis’ means a time of intense difficulty or danger; ‘emergency’ means a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. With this being the case and with transport being a significant contributor to the danger we are facing, it might be surprising to look at the content of the 2021 TPM programme. 

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Streets to Decarbonisation

Global emissions over the next few decades will shape our planet for centuries to come and the risks of delaying our response are significant. As the leading meeting of transport practitioners, the focus at TPM around decarbonisation will need to be how we can best influence positive changes to movement patterns, the infrastructure that facilitates it, and the environment in which we move, as we seek to ensure that the transport sector plays its part.

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Travel Demand Management

2020 into 2021 – the largest ever travel behavioural change phenomenon!

We are emerging from Travel Demand Management (TDM) of an epic proportion. The Covid-19 pandemic turned travel demand on its head literally overnight in March 2020. This was emergency TDM in response to a public health crisis. It wasn’t planned and calculated like other major programmes such as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It wasn’t short and sharp either – 13 months on and we are still experiencing unprecedented scales of demand management for commuting and leisure.

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Travel Demand Management: Tools and Techniques

Travel Demand Management (TDM) aims to influence transport demand, by addressing travel behaviour (how, when, why and where people travel) in order to increase the transport system efficiency and achieve specific planning objectives.

TDM presents a powerful and effective tool that can mitigate the impact of roadworks on customer satisfaction, improve congestion on roadworks areas, and help mitigate associated environmental impact, and contribute to the effective delivery of roadworks schemes.

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COVID-19 and Transport Planning

Why reshaping and reimagining the school run is an important issue to discuss at TPM 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen radical changes to all aspects of our lives. Lockdown restrictions and social distancing have meant a rethink of how we do everything, including travel, and have had a significant impact upon travel behaviour across the country. 

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TPM 2021 and COVID-19 recovery

The pandemic has disrupted just about everything over the past year.  Some areas of transport have taken a bashing while others have become more prominent.  A greater emphasis on walking and cycling has played out while passengers have largely deserted trains and buses.

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