Getting around Oxford

Oxford lends itself to active travel, whether it be walking, cycling, running, punting – this city is full of people on the move. Getting around Oxford could not be simpler with the below options.

Bike Share Companies

A little bit different from your average bike share, this company calls itself the Airbnb for bikes. Bringing together bike owners with bike borrows, provides a safe and convenient platform for those interested in sharing bikes. Having launched in Oxford in 2016, this fun start up is looking to take on five more UK cities soon.

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Pony Bike

Pony Bike calls Oxford Home. The dockless bike startup launched in Oxford this year, and you can see the fun Tiffany blue bikes roaming the streets. They have plans to expand their offerings to other UK cities in the near future.

The bike ride from Oxford Station the heat of Oxford is 7 minutes. The journey to Examination Schools will tack on another two.


With history (and Harry Potter) seemingly seeping out of every building and crevasse, walking is the perfect way to get to know the City of Spires. Join us for a walking tour on 4 July before the conference begins, or take yourself on a self-guided tour to see the sights.

Walking from the station to the heart of the city will take you 17 minutes by foot (more if you stop for the photo ops). The walk from the Station to the Examination Schools will take you a breezy 21 minutes.

If you are staying in Oxford for the weekend (which we highly recommend!) you can find more great city and country walks on the web:


Public Transportation

Oxford boasts a fancy integrated transport system. You can jump on the bus from any operator within the ‘Oxford Zone’ by using a ‘SmartCard’, Oxford Bus Company App, Contactless payment, or even cash! The city is well connected by buses, which is great if you have some weary feet. Take a look at The Oxford Bus Company website for further information.


When in Oxford! If the weather is nice why not head out for a quick spin on the river? Take a look at the below companies to find out more information.

• Magdalen Bridge Boathouse –
• Cherwell Boathouse Oxford –
• Salter’s Steamers –